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cement mixer motor


single phase motor


centrifugal fan




The customized ac motors can be used in pool pump and external water pump, electric fan, range hood etc.

The geared motor and small power ac motors are used in milk cooling tank, lawn mower,small polisher and food mixer, etc.

Commercial & Small Industry Equipments

Residential & Household Appliances

Power Tools & Transmission Box

The gear motors can be used in various electrical cement mixers, electric concrete mixer, motar mixers, and food blender.

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Aoer Appliance has been a rich experience designer and manufacturer of a top-notch electric concrete mixer, custom OEM electric motors, range hoods, and centrifugal fans in the industry since 1994. We mainly to develop single-phase AC motors with capacitor starting and running based applications are mainly in construction tools, household equipment, and small industrial equipment.We are proud to provide package services covering design, mold, sampling, testing, manufacture and export services to companies that need a reliable supply of portable cement mixer, custom ac motors, fans and blowers, range hoods from China.


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